I had good skin for about a month but then the breakouts and redness came back. 20% off sitewide with no order minimum. umbra tinte is nice, doesn’t break me out and goes on smoothly and absorbs well. The medicine cabinet is the new closet, and just as in fashion, in skin care there are those cool brands that pop up on Instagram again and again. It definitely is some progress, but I just have a feeling I can achieve the same progress with cheaper products. and at $80 a bottle, it had better be effective. I mix with cerave AM and sure maybe it gives me an added glow but I definitely don’t think it makes me look sunkissed. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Yet they continued to promote the old cleanser in kits like the littles even though it was discontinued....without being upfront or reducing the price or anything like that. It’s too bad that the littles misses their best product, IMO, babyfacial. once it's oxidized, vitamin C isn't as effective. the whole reason brands often charge more for vitamin c serums is bc they test to make sure the vitamin c is stable/doesn't oxidize on the shelf. Babyfacial is good if you don’t need a super strong AHA, it didn’t do enough for my acne so I switched to something stronger. I can personally see that some of my scarring has lightened and the overall radiance of my skin has improved, but not enough to warrant the price of the full size bottle of either of the products. BUY NOW. A few months back she released a retinol after saying for ages that it was bad for skin...and then backtracked saying there was new research or something like that? Someone did the math a while back and found that it worked out cheaper to buy that consistently than buying the full-sized product. I reached out asking if someone with rosacea can use babyfacial and their response was ‘just eliminate suspicious 6 from your routine’. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 2105 on r2-app-010cda09cb0d508b3 at 2020-12-02 14:49:56.612603+00:00 running 31b5616 country code: FR. My eyes do get a little dry/flaky, and I’m much happier with my OleHenriksen banana eye cream that I’m using now. Strap in – it’s a bumper review! I don’t use the oil lol. Also, I fell into their marketing hole and convinced myself I needed to buy their entire line for one product to work. I am 35 years old and have not suffered from ANY acne or breakouts in well over 10 plus years. The serum comes in a really cute neon pink bottle that swivels when you turn it to the right and feels exactly like a Rubik’s Cube in the process. However, I don’t have problem skin to begin with. I would say if you wanted to try it, buy the littles. beste cleanser was crap imo, nothing special and I couldn’t wait to get back to my soap and glory vitamin c cleanser. did not care for the Shaba complex eye cream at all. do tell! Dealing with dark spots, melasma, or acne marks? Selfie/B&A[b&a] review of Drunk Elephant's "The Littles" (i.imgur.com), [–]mothandmoonlite 8 points9 points10 points 2 years ago (1 child), I feel like that’s actually great progress for less than two months, [–][deleted] 9 points10 points11 points 2 years ago (0 children). Drunk Elephant The Littles skincare routine one month update! I got the minis for my birthday or as a free gift and also the Sephora photo finish primer and moisturizer and my face is red with pimples and bumps everywhere. once she started using products from the cult-favorite line. what is stronger than babyfacial?! They look good on your sink, and they … I am thinking about picking up the Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum and the C-Firma Day Serum from Dermstore for their anniversary sale. the b-hydra didn't do much of anything for my skin's hydration and the c-firma irritated my skin quite badly (although this is something that varies from person to person). I’m fair and it’s easy to go overboard with this. We've mined the skin care addiction subreddit for all the best product dupes of some of the most popular skin care products out there, from buzzy brands like Glossier and Drunk Elephant to luxury beauty counter faves like SK-II and Estee Lauder. [Review] Powerhouse for hydration and soothing inflamed skin. However, when the product is often sold already oxidized, that fancy packaging is just a waste. I LOVE PROTINI. The picture in the middle is about 2.5 weeks in, and the picture on the right is day 40. Maybe I didn’t like it because I don’t have severely dehydrated skin but idk. Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 One of the few low-silicone mineral sunscreens on the market. Rendered by PID 2105 on r2-app-010cda09cb0d508b3 at 2020-12-02 14:49:56.612603+00:00 running 31b5616 country code: FR. And the comments the owner makes on Instagram are infuriating sometimes. If only that packaging was effective. It really evens my skin tone and with some light concealer allows me to skip foundation. I loved all of there products but the only one that I have repurchased is the glycolic night serum. I don’t care if I have to sell my blood plasma, I’m always keeping babyfacial in my routine. Morning Routine: 2 pumps C-Firma & 2 pumps of B-Hydra + Umbra Sheer Sunscreen + Lala Retro moisturizer I buy the rise + glow duo instead of the full sized. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, $90, HERE! I haven’t tried the eye creams so I can’t speak for those. That’s not the answer I was looking for. Also using the lippe, which doesn’t moisturize as well as my $2 one or even Fresh’s caramel lip balm. © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. It does have a lot of anti-aging prosperities in it but for $70 I don’t see my skin as ‘plump, amazing, etc’ to make me repurchase. Why is everything from them so expensive? Omg I started researching if drunk elephant made anyone break out and have found out it has. I purchased C-Firma a few times. The Reddit user's results are seriously inspiring for anyone who has ever dealt with consistent breakouts. Honestly...no. The Beste cleanser was really good, it is my first foray into expensive cleansers, so I think I will try others out before I make a decision to repurchase. My thing with drunk elephant is that they aren’t helpful and informative. I’ve purchased Lala (I like it but it’s nothing special), marula oil (get it from the ordinary, same stuff), glycolic (again, it was ok but I think there are similar less expensive options), beste jelly cleanser (old and new), the 2 cleansing bars (so drying! i’m currently using c-firma and protini. For me, I think it can be worth it bc you’re paying for packaging and high quality, simple products. Dry/Sensitive | Mod | European | Patch test ALL the things! We'll get right to the point - our entire site is 20% off! “When I created Drunk Elephant, I isolated the most effective ingredients that directly benefit the health of the skin. The product smelled like boiled hotdogs, and either was oxidized upon purchase or oxidized within a month. Tlc framboo: I definitely think this is one out of 2/3 products I’d rebuy! My thing with drunk elephant is that they aren’t helpful and informative. I will be trying out other products in an effort to dupe or outperform these products, because I believe with enough effort, I can find a regime that costs less but does more for my PIH. also am i too picky or does anyone else cringe at the way the founder talks about Africa as an inspiration for the brand?? I mix it with the c firma in the AM because I have so many littles of it but I would never purchase on its own. I use Biossance’s squalane oil and love it. Everything Drunk Elephant - Clean Clinical Skincare where less is more and we only use what is good for your skin. it's kind of BS that they tell you it's OK if your vitamin C serum comes brown/orange. I've spent a majority of my life battling hormonal acne and trying to combat breakouts. Berating customers on IG, making excuses for subpar product, and deleting unfavorable comments (even when valid and product related) is not the kind of brand I want to support. What really turned me off is their customer service. They’re pretty small, but it should last a month or two. I was totally converted by the night serum and the Lala Retro night cream which are my two favorite products from them. I first realized they were kind of shady when they switched the ingredients in the liquid cleanser as people had complained it was too drying. I use the lala retro moisturizer because I’ve gotten several samples in sub boxes but I probably wouldn’t buy it at that price. Much longer shelf life than the vitamin c serum. D-bronzi: eh. What were my expectations? tldr; for me, it’s worth it, but everyone’s skin is different. The price is outrageous and I’m just as happy with my Pacifica lip balm. Then, I got acne on my forehead (I only got acne there when I was a teenager). The tiny elephant logo stamped on the plain white containers with bright lids certainly look pretty, but packaging isn't the only reason why the brand, founded by Tiffany Masterson, retained a cult-like following. [acne] AMAZING DIFFERENCE in my skin after using Differin and benzoyl peroxide cleanser for 15 days. The packaging for C-Firma is genius. Either way, always try samples first! Using these products exclusively is the best way to get maximum results.” —Tiffany Masterson. Like you, I’ve never found it worth it. Sorry for the long post, I hope this was helpful :). For me, it’s the only thing that really works for my skin. It utilizes 12 percent AHA/BHA in … Discount is valid through 11/30/20 at 11:59 p.m. CT. Sephora has been selling it in a box set with other products for even less, and the full size in there comes out to $11 an ounce. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: Asking a question? [Shelfie] My new DIY setup for my skincare! So, if you have some Drunk Elephant hanging out unused in your stash try giving them a whirl again but remember you’ll have to go on a skincare diet and limit yourself to the Drunk Elephant only to see the best results. I liked the texture of the marula oil and it has inspired me to try cheaper alternatives. it was awful.. not just a rash or a few pimples like cystic acne huge under the skin bumps.. i have not had good results with DE and i will not try any more from them.. personally None of their packaging is stock so they had to pay big bucks for that tooling. I do wish it was cheaper, but I’m willing to spend however much if it makes my skin happy. I've been experimenting with products for months with no results/making things worse and was getting frustrated, and now I've finally found something my skin LOVES, but a lot of people really hate on this brand. The tl;dr of it is: I liked having the opportunity to try out a lot of DE products for a tolerable price, but as you can see, the results are meh and don't warrant a repurchase from me. The sunscreen was a bit too heavy for my liking, but it worked fine under makeup. not crazy about the two things i tried. Posts without a valid tag will be removed by Automoderator. Regarding the C-Firma and TLC Framboos, the evidence or lack thereof is in the picture. [Misc] Lush admits donating thousands to anti-trans pressure group Woman’s Place UK. lippe balm wasn’t anything life changing. This is a lesson I learned for myself after trying and seeing very little results with their skincare. Just depends on what you’re after, of course. It’s meant to be used mixed in with other products. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Marula oil: this is meant to be a carrier oil. That stuff is amazing, it has helped clear up my acne & even my skin out!! That’s not the answer I was looking for. According to the experts, the skin purging phenomenon bouncing around the echo chamber on Reddit is the real deal — but only with certain products. But worth the price? It’s the only brand I’ll use now. Thanks to the astute skin care addicts of Reddit, that's not as outlandish a statement as it seems. I just felt the need to warn anyone who may suffer from acne or oily skin that Drunk Elephant may not be the best brand for you because it certainly was not for me. They sell a small kit with trial sizes of the serum and Marula oil, it’s like $28 and lasted me over a month if you want to try it out low-risk. The new Drunk Elephant retinol, A-Passioni 1.0% Retinol Cream, helps smooth and brighten skin, and even works for sensitive complexions. I tried timeless and that broke me out :( so i will be repurchasing this. Drunk Elephant also works with an unusually high amount of acids, the levels of which are normally found in no-nonsense dermatology brands. I really like the oil but it’s $40 (0.5 oz) and the Josie Maran oil is $17 (0.5 oz). You can easily get a cheaper cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin elsewhere (cerave, glossier milky jelly). As far as serums go, Drunk Elephant's T.L.C. (Triethoxycaprylylsilane is the silicone they're using, but it's near the end of the ingredients list, so the concentration is very low and not worth worrying about.) I’d recommend this maybe if you have super dry skin but honestly there’s other products on the market that are half the price (FAB repair cream). Discover the go-to vitamin C serums that top dermatologists and beauty editors swear by. 20% off Sitewide. I have oily skin with large pores and I break out easily and have acne scars, using them changed my life. I don’t get the hype. However, that absolutely doesn't mean that it'll work for everyone. I like their vitamin c serum (I can’t remember their name bc it’s early and I haven’t had coffee yet - but the white one with the orange top), but I don’t recommend getting it from Sephora - every time I’ve gotten it there - online or in stores - it’s been oxidized. Cleanser is on your face the least amount of time so it’s not like you need to spend the most on it. Lala retro: this stuff is super thick and hydrating. Favs from them: Pekee bar, Marula oil, Lala, Umbra Tinte & Babyfacial. It’s ok, but I prefer Josie Maran’s Argan Reserve better. But recently, one woman shared an impressive before-and-after from just a month on a new Reddit-sourced skin-care regimen. [acne] What 2020 taught me: my no-mask wearing skincare routine is way different than mask-wearing routine! When you walk into any major beauty store or counter, there's no mistaking the best Drunk Elephant products for any other brands. It’s a set that comes with a whole routine. I purchased the littles set and i have found the whole routine has made my skin so happy! I’ve used the framboos serum a few times and really enjoyed it. The tl;dr of it is: I liked having the opportunity to try out a lot of DE products for a tolerable price, but as you can see, the results are meh and don't warrant a repurchase from me. I truly see this helping my PIH and giving me that glow! Definitely believe the hype on the TLC Framboos serum! [–][deleted] 3 points4 points5 points 2 years ago (0 children). Shop Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Yes its expensive but totally worth it imo! Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. (Related: This Woman's Acne Transformation Will Have You Hopping On the Drunk Elephant Bandwagon) Here’s my review of 8 products I’ve tried from their range, and there’s probably going to be a part 2 in the near-ish future. Even their marula oil, what did they patent because I can buy marula oils for way cheaper. The C-firma really helped lighten up my hyperpigmentation so I’ll say it was definitely worth the price for me. For example, the brand’s Glycolic Night Serum contains a blend of three acids, with glycolic acid levels of up to 12 percent — one of the highest percentages found on the market. It’s a lighter moisturizer than lala. Drunk Elephant is a premium skincare brand that you’ll find on a lot of skincare addicts’ shelves, with their stylish minimalist packaging. My $20 timeless serum worked a dozen times better and 1/4 of the price. I agree. Shop the 29 best vitamin C serums for brighter, glowing skin in 2020. I do have oily skin but thankfully not acne. This is definitely nice and if it was cheaper I would purchase but it’s not worth the price when there’s so many dupes out there (TO). Check out our Daily Help Thread! I actually love the b hydra. [Misc] Alway remember there's always extra product at the bottom - decided to see for myself how much I was about to throw out. Skip to content. I bought the full size of the Vitamin C from Drunk Elephant and when I use it I do get breakouts. ), and Protini (causes breakouts). I use the entire line— and it got rid of my cystic acne. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I haven’t been wildly impressed with anything else from them though. I've been using the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum for about a week now and got 1 larger breakout and 2 smaller ones but they went away pretty quickly. Now I think of Drunk Elephant as an ingredient-elimination philosophy for a total skin reset. She has no background in dermatology or chemistry but believes all skin is the same and if everyone would just use her products we would have perfect skin. I just wanted to try that oil because all the hype of Drunk Elephant but I’ll stick with Josie Maran. I ordered samples from their site and have been pretty impressed with their eye gel, squalane oil, and vitamin c rose oil. I'm considering their vitamin C day serum (ascorbic acid) to replace a serum with a different form of vitamin C (AAP). Drunk Elephant … I hate the "24 hour foundation" and "this works for EVERYONE" gimmicks. I didn’t feel it did anything for my skin (good or bad) and I was looking forward to finishing it and going back to my Mario Badescu one. Using the babyfacial once a week does wonders for my combination skin! Luckily they have a ton of mini sets now so you can try pretty much everything before purchasing full size. reviews of the most buzzed-about beauty products, brands, and services on the market right now. Drunk Elephant … I tend to opt for gel-creams as my moisturizers, so the Lala Retro just isn't my style, it's heavier and creamier than I prefer. Regular price, it comes out to $17 per ounce. The little lasts 3 months if you’re only using it 2-3 times a week! She was so worried because she was pregnant. It looks like I'm redder/tanner in the right picture, but it's just the lighting. I have normal skin with a lot of PIH, which was what I most wanted to fix. I’ve purchased the am kit & pm kit they had around the holidays. Details. It's nice to see someone have something positive to say! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Welcome to Unfiltered, where we give our honest, no-B.S. I really liked the d bronzi this summer because I didn’t get much sun so it was nice to be able to fake it! I have been using Drunk Elephant's "The Littles" for about 40 days now, utilizing all but the eye cream every day. agreed.. i tried c-firma a few years ago and had the worst breakout!! It did help significantly with my texture and smoothing out my skin. I buy the midi size so it’s cheaper directly from their website. Protini makes me skin feel great in the summer, but I didn’t think it was worth the price as it lasts just a few months. i haven’t noticed any results in the c-firma, idk why but i’ve been using it for only three weeks so that’s probably why. Drunk Elephant's specific formulation also has what the brand calls a "reservoir effect," meaning it stays active on the skin for up to 72 hours (even after you wash your face). [Haul] I told my MIL I'd like anything from the Ordinary for Christmas... [Miscellaneous] Scheduled a V Beam (laser) treatment for PIE (red post acne marks) and wanted to share what they said about treatment and pricing since that info is so scarce online, Mod | Hoojoo specialist | Neem Team Queen. vitamin c serum was average. I’ve tried babyfacial but I regularly did facial peels before that so i didn’t see any noticeable difference. I couldn't return it since I do not live in the USA but I must say this doesn't work for me. Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops is a silky, antioxidant-rich bronzing concentrate you can add to your moisturizer, serum, facial oil or sunscreen to give your skin a natural-looking bronzy glow. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum is a cult-favorite among beauty editors, bloggers, and skin care experts. Maybe). Saved a whole 1.7 OZ! She’s done a great job at branding and creating a “dream”. I can’t stop touching my face (bad, I know) but I’m just not used to such soft skin! I used D bronzi for a week and didn’t get the hype at all. and join one of thousands of communities. TLC would be a repurchase for me, but when I used it before I wasn't consistent and didn't have a good routine to compliment it. I have been using Drunk Elephant's "The Littles" for about 40 days now, utilizing all but the eye cream every day. Prob not. I used the Drunk Elephant cleanser which was a birthday gift from Sephora. I purchased the Night Serum and I didn’t see much improvement. I've heard from a few people that their skin did something similar while "adjusting" to the Vit C but then stopped breaking out after a week or two. Very thin/watery and I don’t feel it moisturized very much. My friend, who is also a VIBR and got the same birthday gift, used the cleanser and got an area of breakouts near her chin. Ok then. Fade them with one of these 15 dark spot corrector removers with hydroquinone, AHAs, vitamin C, and retinol. Dislikes: JuJu bar (too rough for my sensitive skin), Bhydra, Beste cleanser (both of these make me break out in several little white heads). $32. I’ve used several trial sizes of the marula oil and I really really liked it. Umbra tinte: I love this stuff! Now that has noticeable results overnight! Check out these surprising things that cause acne and change your habits for clear skin. I reached out asking if someone with rosacea can use babyfacial and their response was ‘just eliminate suspicious 6 from your routine’. The texture reminds me of cerave pm. Babyfacial: ok honestly, I think I’m the only one who didn’t see AMAZING results from this lmao. Personally I wouldn’t invest in a brand that is already expensive when they don’t believe skin issues are not equal. I absolutely love DE products, they have improved my skin in multiple ways. The more I read about Drunk Elephant, the more intrigued I am. Price is harsh, but honestly if money’s tight I would buy the little. I keep using it because it’s there. COSRX Snail Essence. Honestly I feel like because of their products I over did it with the acids. Not worth $80 for me personally. I could take or leave the b-hydra. Protini: I’m not sure if I’d rebuy this. Press J to jump to the feed. it’s amazing and makes your face feel so soft, it’s like the only cream moisturizer that doesn’t break me out. [–]chantillylace9 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). It’s pretty thin and spreads out well, so at least the full size bottle would probably last you quite a while. I’ve never tried the brand, but I saw a couple weeks ago there was a drama unfolding. Here's my how to use, before/after, and review for oily, acne prone, and sensitive skin. I think it’s an overhyped item. Beste cleanser: nice and gentle but not worth $30. I’ve tried the entire line in hopes to rid my cystic acne so here’s my product breakdown and routine review. [b&a] review of Drunk Elephant's "The Littles", Casual Friday (Humor, Cringe, Selfies, B&As are allowed; General Chat). Drunk Elephant is one of them.. What product from then helps with the acne scars? I’m currently using the marula oil until it runs out. Freshness really matters, so it’s a product that I recommend getting directly from the DE website. I used to use rosehip oil prior to these products, and I now prefer the texture of marula oil. Hey, came across your comment and so happy to see this! I didn’t think I would, but I decided to try mixing it with the Kora organics Noni oil and fell in love with the combo. Drunk Elephant Brand Overview Also, can make people breakout for some reason. I only use sulphate-free, fragrance-free, added color-free, denatured alcohol-free skincare now, so there aren't a lot of other skincare lines that can cater to me, and I appreciate this line existing. C-firma: definitely going to repurchase this! This and a harrowing journey through acne medication and retinol lead to my current skincare obsession: all things Drunk Elephant. Mix it with framboo to get better effects or bhydra for better hydration. My biggest draw to Drunk Elephant was the silicone free formula. To be honest, I … 80 bucks for a vitamin c serum that wasn’t even that effective, yet alone viable after purchase. Well part of the reason they are expensive is definitely their custom packaging. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I feel like there’s a couple other things I’ve tried but can’t remember. Night Routine: Beste Cleanser + 2 pumps TLC Framboos & 2 pumps Marula oil + sometimes the Shaba eye cream (I just suck at being consistent with eye cream, it's so boring). The smell is annoying though. i’ve tried quite a few items from drunk elephant. To purchase this entire routine in its full size would be over $500, which I simply can't do anytime soon. hey! This Woman's Acne Transformation Will Have You Hopping On the Drunk Elephant Bandwagon Lisa Paddock started getting cystic acne in her 20s but saw a major improvement in her skin (and her entire outlook!) The only thing is that I’ve heard it does break people out so I’m eliminating it from my routine to see if that’s the culprit. Discuss anything Sephora-related: Makeup and skincare advice, product reviews, and your personal faves! For me, I didn’t find it worth it. Yes, they’re meant to be gentle but I was using framboo like 5 times a week plus babyfacial once. It def exfoliated but I was flush red each time and didn’t eliminate all my problems (unrealistic expectations? Stopping breakouts requires more than spot treatments and pimple cream. 1.2m members in the SkincareAddiction community. Didn’t have enough consistent use for a confident recommendation, but I think it’s worth a shot.

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