I then let it cool and repeated the process five times to get a good black surface. It is one of the top-rated tabletop models on the market, with a lot of customer reviews being impressed by the quality and performance of the unit. As others have noted, it's very important to season the griddle properly before use. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2018. It looks cool. One of the most popular griddle grills manufacturers is the ‘Blackstone Products’. They told me to put a couple of washers under it. There is a hole in the center along the front or back, depending on your model, to drain grease. Received it the day before our camping trip this weekend. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The four caster wheels make it easy to move around your deck, and two of the wheels lock to secure the grill in place. The vegetables can be eaten as a side or used in stir fry or fajitas. As for dimensions, it measures 18 x 18 x 8.5 inches and weighs only 21 pounds. Not happy at all with this. A major reason why a lot of people are addicted to these type of grills is that they offer a few additional benefits when compared to traditional gas or charcoal grills. Blackstone Products first produced model is their 36” Griddle grill. It requires some assembly, but that’s an easy task. Warped so bad eggs and other things runoff towards the sides and back and the drip slot. In terms of total cooking space, the Griddle 22 is the clear winner. Disclamer Blackstone Silicone Grill Gloves. Griddle grills are some of the oldest type of grills out there. Very easy. This Blackstone 22 griddle for outdoor cooking has been a … Tanks will not attach. Copyright © 2020 FuriousGrill - All Rights Reserved. The Blackstone 28” griddle features two sturdy wheels on one side and normal legs on the other. On the rear side of the unit, you can find the grease management system, which catches grease away from your food and allowing you to quickly clean it up after each use. The battery-powered, electric push-button igniter provides you with a quick start. Pan sausage and eggs. One thing that we liked about the Blackstone griddles is the electric push-button start-up igniter, which starts the grill quickly every time you need. GET YOUR BLACKSTONE GRIDDLE AT https://amzn.to/2Y9tq1JGET YOUR BLACKSTONE STAND AT https://amzn.to/2Y9hnRPTWO THINGS YOU CAN DO AFTER WATCHING MY VIDEO1. The first meal we cooked on this griddle was the only successful meal I cooked on it that trip. The 22” Blackstone griddle model features a stainless steel mainframe, with a black powder finish on several parts. Hope their customer service department is better than their quality assurance department. Compare; Find My Store. Individually adjustable legs allow you to level it on most any surface and get rid of any rocking. The Blackstone 22” griddle grill is a portable, tabletop style model, with compact dimensions and very good performance. I highly recommend the Blackstone 1554 griddle. In a Rush? If they don’t need to cook for large groups, then they would be pleased with this item. A griddle grill is a cooking device that differs from a traditional grill that leaves searing marks on your food; it consists of a completely flat surface made of chrome steel, aluminum, carbon steel, or composites of stainless and aluminum. FuriousGrill.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. As for performance, you will be impressed by the capability of this model. This page works best with JavaScript. This is to avoid the griddle from moving from side to side while your cooking. When I purchased it I also purchased a 16OZ bottle of Barlean's Fresh Flax Oil and followed the seasoning instructions to a TEE using this product (5 "heat cycles" and "coatings" of the Flax Oil allowing it to burn off and quit smoking each time). Equipped with two independently controlled heat zones, you’ll have full control of the 339 sq. Other additional food you can cook include steak, chicken, fish, or vegetables. The flame just kept going out as if it was leaking or something. The H-shaped burners a nice touch, and help you cook with even heating across the surface of the griddle. You can also keep some food hot while other food is finishing. After the major success and positive feedback for their first model, they started to expand their product line to other versions, including griddle grills in a more compact size, to fit everyone’s needs. FuriousGrill is reader-supported. Looks like it only has a 90 day warranty. Go with the Blackstone 22". The non-stick griddle makes clean up easy. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Next to the burner’s controller, you can find the built-in catch grease tray for easy clean up after each use. This grill is well-built, easy to use, and easy to clean. Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2019. Now I have a $120 headache. I had 14 burgers going at once. Very efficient. Don't worry about a few bucks. Since the Blackstone 1554 uses propane, you can avoid dealing with charcoal, lighter fluid, and matches. The convenient size and portability of this product make it very easy to store and take it with you anywhere you go. Just like the full-size 36” model, the 28” Blackstone griddle features a black powder-coated steel frame which is mounted on a set of two caster wheels for easily moving around. With the controllable heat zones, you can choose only to use one side while keeping the other off, saving some fuel from unnecessary usage. Just just pour water on it while it’s hot. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Also, griddle grills are more versatile, allowing you to cook several foods at the same time, just by managing the surface correctly. Blackstone 28 Griddle Review, 28 vs 36 Comparison In the image above, it appears that there’s a festival or a fair of some sort. The Blackstone Griddle Review. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Blackstone Griddle 36" vs 28" Quick Comparison: Blackstone Products History and Customer Reviews, Blackstone Griddle 36" vs 28" Comparison Table, Blackstone Griddle 36" vs 28" Quick Comparison Table, Blackstone Griddle 22" vs 17" Quick Comparison Table, Differences between Blackstone 22” vs 17” Griddle Grill Model. But it didn’t really show any clear evidence of any major leaks, especially since the tank was still full. If you plan on using it for tailgating or camping you'll also want the optional Blackstone folding metal table that perfectly accompanies the unit. I tried to wipe it down with water and a paper towel after the meal was cooked, I left it alone, I scraped it, and I wiped with a dry paper towel - all resulting in the same issues. Starting as grills made of stone or clay, they have eventually evolved into modern products, available for everyone, using durable materials and gas as a heating source. for pricing and availability. I have no idea why it's began to warp and over time is getting worse. Also, since it is a griddle and not a grate, you can cook breakfast, including ham, bacon, sausage, patties, eggs cooked in a variety of ways, hash browns, or pancakes. The griddle grills were originally made of stone or clay, and eventually start getting produced for everyone in a more modern form, using steel or other durable material for the cooking surface and using gas, electricity or coal for producing heat. With a gas grill, you can cook basic grill-type foods such as meats, fish, or other traditional food, but with griddle, you can go even further by cooking foods such as eggs or try other amazing recipes. The cooking surface is 260 square inches in total and is made of stainless steel, offering you durability and even cooking experience. Other features worth mentioning are the front or rear grease drain, making it ideal for families or professional restaurant use. Easy to clean. Every once and a while we like sharing reviews on products we find to be amazing! Model #5003. Cooked them just right but also quickly. Everything comes right off! The burner is started from the electric ignition, making sure that the grill will start heating even on strong winds or other weather conditions. 1,559 global ratings | 413 global reviews, Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2018. Contacted blackstone after a couple of emails almost 3 months later they got back to me. Then the flame started dying down. With this design, the griddle only moves when you want it to, as in, by lifting up … It is an easy-to-start propane griddle that can cook a variety of foods at different temperatures. Blackstone 1554 Station Grill. When you are done, folds up pretty small. Unuseable - ANYTHING I cook sticks - tried everything and got ZERO help from blackstone, Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2020. The cooking surface is also made of steel material, offering durability and very good performance. It is one of the top-rated tabletop models on the market, with a lot of customer reviews being impressed by the quality and performance of the unit. Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2020. And I was really looking forward to using this thing. Currently, this is also one of their most popular and most sold model. Item #2473542. Like all iron cookware, with proper care, the griddle will become more non-stick over time. With 350 square inches of cooking space and a heavy-duty cooking surface, you can create breakfast, lunch, or dinner with ease. Purchased a 22 inch griddle after a couple of times of use it warped. The regulator that attaches the 1lb tanks to the griddle cam with a bad threading job. If this event allows grilling and cooking your own food, participants definitely need a … To save propane, you can turn on only the burners you need. This griddle warped within 2 weeks of use not 2 years so that tells me they have no interest in standing behind there products. Blackstone 22 inch table top griddle is a grill that uses propane gas fuel, so it is very practical to be used in various places. You can use this 22 inch blackstone tabletop grill to accompany your outdoor activities. Just like other table-top models from Blackstone, this 17” version features an H-shaped stainless steel burner, producing up to 12,000 BTUs heat output. When I was young, I worked in a pizza/sub joint and have extensive experience cooking on a griddle. Why we love it and what recipes you’ll love cooking on it. I was told after providing pictures that it was the smallest warping they have ever seen. As for performance, the two independent stainless steel burners are capable of producing 30,000 BTUs of total heat, which is more than enough to cook any food at the griddle surface. Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2018. You can cook for one person or a crowd, and you can even take it with you. You can immediately arrange a grill to cook a variety of delicious dishes. Small and liquid items you cannot cook on standard grill grates. This space is enough to prepare meals for a medium sized group of people. inch plate for simultaneous low and high heat cooking. Besides these two major differences, the built quality and other features are almost the same in both models. The multiple heat zones also allow you to cook foods at the same time that you might not be able to cook at the same time with other grills. Blackstone has not been around for long when compared to other leading grill manufacturers such as Weber, but they surely have produced some incredible products, which quickly were ranked among the best outdoor cooking tools. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. It features two adjustable burners, 330 square inches of cooking surface and is propane-fueled, making it ideal for outdoor cooking, camping, tailgating or picnicking. Had 24 sausage patties on it at once. I ended up having to finish cooking on my original grill. This way, you can make a grilled cheese for lunch for one person, cook a meal with multiple dishes on different burners, or cook burgers and hot dogs for a crowd with full capacity. It measures 62.5 inches x 22 inches x 36 inches and weighs 120 pounds. It provides more control of your cooking without the smoke or the flame flare-ups of a charcoal grill. Amazon does not sell the stand and griddle together. It is the perfect size. If you believe that bigger truly is better, the Griddle 22 is the obvious choice. ... Blackstone Blackstone 17-in Front Grease Tabletop Griddle. Especially if you like to fry and don't want the spatter all over your kitchen. Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2018. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Blackstone 1666 22" Tabletop Griddle Outdoor Grill, 22 inch, Black at Amazon.com. This is where a griddle really shines, and the Blackstone BS36 is one of the best! I use it at least twice a week, sometime more. You can use it at home, take it camping, take it tailgating, or take it to a fundraising event. It is because it is superior to its opponent in almost all aspects. One thing we like about this model is the ability to turn on only one burner and leave the others off. Side table is a plus. I promise you, when you are on your deathbed, thinking back on your life and sharing your wisdom with your loved ones, you WON'T say "I really wish I hadn't spent those extra dollars on the Blackstone 22"." The area is quite large for a small portable grill, which makes it impressive. Editor's Note October 2, 2020: Checkout The Best Blackstone Griddle for a detailed review of all the top blackstone … Combining the 5 Star reviews (81%) with the 4 Star Reviews (14%) gives this griddle a 95% approval rating which is the highest satisfaction rating of all of the Blackstone griddles. Home » Grilling » Blackstone Griddle Review. What Do I Need To Know Before Buying? You can make grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and even heat soup in an oven-safe pan. The major difference between these two models is the number of burners and the cooking surface. Rude and unprofessional. Blackstone griddle review overview Unsurprisingly, the Blackstone 36 has a 36-inch x 20-inch rolled steel cooking surface that gives you 720 square inches cooking space. I think it’s a great product. About a dozen all at once. The 22 inch table top griddle toaster is very efficient and easy to use. I purchased a 22 Inch griddle on March 14th, and has been used on 4 different camping trips. You have to oder them seperately and the cost is higher than walmart. Literally every single piece of food I put on it sticks to the point that it has to be scraped off and is almost not edible mush. The 22” model features two independent burners while the 17” model has only one. Shop the Collection. On one side of the cooking surface, you have a steel side shelve for extra cooking and preparation area, while on the other side, there is the removable grease tray for quick cleanup. I bought this 22" griddle almost 4 months to the day. On the other hand, Griddle 22 has a cooking area of about 330 sq inches, which is more than enough to cook a number of items together. Both of these models use propane, and you are provided with a propane tank. Compare; Find My Store. It also has two side shelves and a bottom shelf for food and utensil storage. The four solid stainless steel burners offer a total of 60,000 BTUs of heat. Also, you can find the 36” model in a stainless steel body version, for more durability or as a version with accessory side shelf. It has a black powder-coated steel frame mounted on four industrial-strength, caster wheels that provide easy mobility with the ability to lock two of the wheels. It has an easy push-button start and uses propane so that you do not have to deal with charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, ashes, and leftover charcoal. It has two independently controlled … Think eggs, pancakes, small shrimp, and more. The reduction of burners and cooking area has also reduced the price point on the 17” model, making it more affordable than any other Blackstone model. 34. Model #1650. Currently, they offer a full product line of griddle grills, starting from their full size 36” Model, and continuing to more compact 28”, 22” and 17” models. The cooking surface is reduced from 330 square inches on the 22” model, to only 260 square inches on the 17” model. The big model features four independent burners, while the 28” model features only two burners. Write a review $129.99 Take the Blackstone 22'' Gas Tabletop 2 Burner Griddle anywhere outdoors for big and versatile meals. First morning made breakfast on it. Even though this Blackstone griddle offers such versatility, your food will still be as moist or as crispy as you like. Best thing we’ve added to our camper. Nowadays, they have a full line of products, starting from full size 36” griddle grills, and continuing to more compact 28”, 26” or even 17” models. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. We bought the 2 burner. Followed the instructions on seasoning the griddle. Between these two models, there isn’t any major difference in the build quality and construction. It features only one burner and 260 square inches of cooking space but still manages to offer very good performance when compared with other competitors and price-range.
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